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It is a great time of the year to give your home a fresh look. So here are our top tips for making your home summer ready.

1. Declutter, tidy and clean.

It is the ideal time to reorganise, tidy and clean your home. It’s finally time for you to store away your thick winter blankets, fluffy rugs and make space for those summer items! Decluttering will make you feel like you have your life together, trust us on that one.

2. Add some colour

Colour is great way to add life to your home. Why not add some vibrant home accessories to your décor collection? Our newest collection ‘The Seville’ has complementary colours and raised on-trend patterns which are brought to life by their glaze. These pieces have textured finishes or metallic touches that add warmth and interest wherever they're placed.

3. Repaint

This one is for the hardcore DIY'ers. The lighter the colour of paint the brighter and larger it can make a room feel.

Currently our favourite company to buy paint from is Lick. They have a gorgeous selection of pigment-rich shades plus their peel-and-stick samples are a GAME CHANGER!

White 01 Matt by Lick.

4. Add plants or flowers

A bouquet of fresh flowers adds the finishing touch to any room. Depending on your flower of choice you can add a gorgeous pop of colour to your home. Orchid, peonies, roses, sunflowers, daisies, dahlia, freesia are just a few flowers that are currently in season in the UK.

In addition, some great benefits of having flowers in your home is that it sets the tone for your day, can influence your well-being and outlook on life and lastly let’s be honest they can put a huge grin on anyone’s face. #cheesing

5. Make use of mirrors

Ensure that your mirrors are hung on a wall. It will make the room look bigger, as well as adding more light and style to your space.

We kept it short and sweet. The aim is to make your home a brighter and happier space to entertain your guests this summer without spending a fortune. At Ethereal Home Decor (EHD) we believe that making changes to your home does not have to mean high cost. EHD seeks to ensure that everyone can create the best version of their home environment.

We hope these tips give you some new ways of preparing your home for, what we hope to be, a fabulous summer in England.

Let's not jinx it...

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